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Military Forces produce MAXIMAL efforts under inevitable stress.
This is what separates the WOLF from the HERD.

Centric Force Training System is no different, mainly because we recognize the same principles of adaptability. We’ve designed our system at the highest levels, to deliver the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE to take our athletes to the top, and to guarantee they stay there.


We put you through a series of tests & assessments to find out where you rank. We build everything for you from scratch, and this cannot be done without precise analytical data.

veteran School

Our schooling system works a lot like the real army. Once recruited, we will train you, guide you, educate you, and push you to your absolute limit.

leader board

As a Veteran, you will be expected to set new records, indefinitely. If you rank high enough, you will find your name on our Leader Board. Those with high numbers are the ones who have higher chances of getting drafted, & setting national records.

situation report

We will communicate with you every step along the way. Your data will be accurately & precisely measured through our app. We monitor your work, every step of the way. Tracking is the key to our success.


You will have access to the rest of our athletes from all over the world. Our Private Facebook Group, will provide with all the support you need.

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It has been pleasure working with Amir, who has guided me through the off-season dry-land training. The concepts he uses in Centric Force have helped me develop as an athlete to a degree that I have regarded as impossible. I am impressed by my achievements so far, but also know that I still have a long way to go. I am glad that I train with him, and looking forward to incorporating more onto the battlefield in field hockey, and more recently football.

Maximilian Melz, Univeristy of Toronto

I’ve trained with couple trainers before, but one guy who stands above else is Coach Amir. I worked with Amir in his facility Centric Force, and I have experienced a different training environment. The best part about the outcome of his training system is the ability to pedal through that last breath, when I’m on the field, giving it all. I feel there’s more in my engine now, and in return I have seen great satisfying results in my performance.

Moe Golmakani, Doncaster Rovers

Moe playing soccer

I have been training with Coach Amir for several months now and I am very satisfied with his approach, philosophy and training routine. He is a very smart individual connecting physical activities and training to brain and mind capabilities. As well of incorporating diet and supplement protocol in an effective way. He uses technology effectively as well to make the training routine, information and education an added bonus to the client.

I am a very active man who plays hockey 3 times a week, work out 3 to 4 times a week and I a have a very busy professional life, and coach Amir is very knowledgeable about customizing the training / work out to the requirement of the client / athlete and the results are a better me physically and also mentally.

Very happy to have connected with him and will do for months to come.

Mario Gosselin, Director of Finance

It has been pleasure working with Amir, who has guided me through getting back in shape and helping me create a healthier lifestyle. He is extremely knowledgeable about all things fitness related and serious about attaining the result you are looking for. Amir always challenges me to strive to push my personal boundaries to new heights. He also tailors my workouts to my individual needs and areas that need improvement. Amir always corrects any posture and tempo errors when he sees them being done incorrectly, so that the workout plan is being followed correctly.

Sandra Mlynarczyk, Teacher

I have tried lots of different approaches & training schools through my fitness journey, but I never felt as satisfied with my results as I’ve felt with Centric Force. Coach Amir really knows how to push his athletes into the edge, but he also believes in the value of educating all his athletes. And I’ve never been more driven & enlightened as I am now. I’m forever thankful.

Osama Alshamaa, Classic Physique

I have been working with Centric Force for five months now. It has been refreshing to see a strength coach that looks beyond simple exercises and helps evaluate his patients functionally. When my patients are coming to the end of their treatment I always feel comfortable leaving their strength progression in the hands of Amir.

Dr. S Gandhi, Chiropractor

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