My name is Amir Hamada. I’m the Head Strength Coach and founder of the Centric Force Training System. 

When I first launched this business in 2017, I had literally absolutely no idea how to be a trainer, or where to start. I just knew I had the desire to be a trainer. 

Now before you leave thinking this is gonna be one of those motivational speaks where I rant about my success, it’s not. In fact, I’m here to tell you how I failed and the mistakes I did. 

If you’re a trainer that is just starting out, this will help you. If you’re not, move on. 

The fitness industry is heavily misguided and saturated. It is really easy to become a trainer. You don’t need a degree, a qualification, or even a nice body, you can literally just be one overnight. In fact, with the ease of media outreach, anyone today can throw the title of a personal trainer on their bio, shirt, and business card, and build an army of followers and become the go-to expert. How did it become so easy? I blame Youtube. 

I personally started this whole process by listening to Jeff Cavaliere, creator of Athlean-X back when he filmed his videos in his basement, and only a few thousand knew about him. The man was educated, he was in great shape, and he shared tons of good advice. This was the perfect opportunity for me. He’d hand me a bunch of good quality information, and I’d go around repeating what I learned, trying to sound like someone who reads. 

Although this was wrong in so many ways, it wasn’t really bad by all means. I was off for a good start. After all, I followed someone who shared high-quality information, and the fact of the matter is that Jeff really influenced me to start reading. I wanted to be smart like the man. 

Soon after a while, I realized that I wanted to go deeper. Like really deep into the athletics world. I didn’t where to look I just knew watching Youtube videos wasn’t going to suffice. 

Not long after, I somehow was handed the opportunity to meet Master Strength Coach Clance Laylor, creator of the only Canadian Strength & Conditioning certification, and trainer to many top athletes in Canada and the world. Clance soon offered me an internship and things just started going North for me. 

Meeting Clance was a game-changer for me because I soon realized how hard it is to be a trainer, let alone coach pro athletes. I was certain if I never met Clance I would’ve never been able to step out of that bubble.

 At the time I was still lost, hesitant, and not sure what to do. I started looking up everything Clance did. I ran into Charles Poliquin, the world-renowned and most successful Strength Coach, and he LITERALLY changed my life. 

Charles once said: 

“If I want dental work, I wouldn’t hire a garage man” 

If you’re a personal trainer who’s starting out, you’d better be prepared to spend lots of cash. Hire someone to guide you, mentor you, and direct you. You’d be trading time for money. 

If money is not a solution, however, Google it. Whatever it is that you want to be, throw it in there, and add the words “Coach” “Certification” “Course”. Most likely the specialists in that field will pop up, and if you can’t hire them, you can at least read what they write. I don’t know a single strength coach who doesn’t have a book or a blog. 

The fitness industry is corrupted, but watching the last few years I’d say it’s improving ever so slowly. If you seriously care about succeeding, you have to pick up a book.

I never knew I was in on this either. But the research is always updating. I can’t expect my athletes to improve if I can’t keep up with my own homework. 

Hope this helps.
Coach Amir Hamada