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Centric Force Training is home to some of the toughest athletes. We train our members to produce synchronized efforts under the highest stress. We prepare you to face complex missions and diverse challenges, demanding training not just for combat, but also for whatever life has to throw at you.

Divine power, strength and speed, combined with a belief in individual uniqueness is what we seek in this facility.

The Force is calling and vocation for those looking to dominate.


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We will send you a list of Assessments & Questions. Based on the feedback we get & the level you’re at, this will help you: Set your Needs & Goals. Identify any structural issues. Measure your hormones & assess your diet & lifestyle. Unlock your plateaus & root inhibition problems. Set a realistic timeline. Periodize a training plan that will suit your current level.

Basic Entry Training

This is your first step as a Veteran. You will be assigned a bunch of Structural Balance Phases that can list from 3-6 months. Designed to help target your weak links, fix your structure, & set a foundation to take you into the advanced levels risk-free.

Advanced Combat Training:

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You will have regular Check-ups with your coach to ensure you’re on the right track. You will get weekly video analysis & technique breakdowns on all your lifts to eliminate any errors. Remember, we grow when YOU grow!


You will have access to our newly formed Private Facebook Group. This members-only platform will allow you to have access to other members like you, who get exclusive content, tips & tricks, feedback, encouragement, & motivation.

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Client Testimonials

It has been pleasure working with Amir, who has guided me through the off-season dry-land training. The concepts he uses in Centric Force have helped me develop as an athlete to a degree that I have regarded as impossible. I am impressed by my achievements so far, but also know that I still have a long way to go. I am glad that I train with him, and looking forward to incorporating more onto the battlefield in field hockey, and more recently football.

Maximilian Melz, Running Back, GTA Grizzlies

I’ve trained with couple trainers before, but one guy who stands above else is Coach Amir. I worked with Amir in his facility Centric Force, and I have experienced a different training environment. The best part about the outcome of his training system is the ability to pedal through that last breath, when I’m on the field, giving it all. I feel there’s more in my engine now, and in return I have seen great satisfying results in my performance.

Moe Golmakani, Centre Foreward, Doncaster Rovers

About Amir Hamada, owner of Centric Force Training


Amir is the owner & founder of Centric Force Training System, as well as being a strength coach & personal trainer, operating out of Toronto. 

Amir coached in a variety of sports including Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, & MMA, for over 4 years. He also worked with artists, tactical athletes, actors, executives, as well as individuals with special conditions.

Amir brings out his personal experience with some of the most respected strength coaches he studied with earlier in his career, to periodize, design, & deliver the most advanced training programs.

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