founder / strength coach


My mission is to develop future elite level
Athletes and Olympians.

Amir is the owner & founder of Centric Force Training System, as well as being a strength coach & personal trainer, operating out of Mississauga, ON, Canada. 

Amir coached in a variety of sports including Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Men’s Classic, Bikini, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Taekwando, & MMA, for the last 4 years. He also worked with artists, tactical athletes, actors, executives, as well as individuals with special conditions.

Amir brings out his personal experience with some of the most respected strength coaches he studied with earlier in his career, to design, & deliver the best training protocols. He is also very huge on education and is recognized amongst many of his peers as the go-to resource for building the most advanced training programs. 


  1.  Personal Training Specialist, PTS, CanFitPr (2016)
  2. Athlete Activation System, AASc, Clance Laylor (2018)
  3. Weightlifting Performance Coach, CWPC, NSPA, Wil Fleming (2018)
  4. Speed & Agility Coach, CSAC, NSPA, Lee Taft (2018)
  5. Sports Nutrition Coach, CSNC, Chris Mohr (2018)
  6. IASTM Practitioner, Dr. Mike Reinold (2019)
  7. Certified Online Trainer Lv1, OTA, Jon Goodman (2019)
  8. Metabolic Analytics Practitioner, Strength Sensei, Carlos Castro (2019)
  9. Program Design, KILO Strength Society, Stephane Cazeault (2019)
  10. Periodization, KILO Strength Society, Stephane Cazeault (2020)
  11. The Science of Nutrition, CHFI Education, Layne Norton (2020)
  12. Personal Training Certification, Poliquin Group (2020)
  13. Foundations of Periodization & Program Design, Poliquin Group (2020)
  14. Fundamentals of Designing Hypertrophy Programs, Poliquin Group (2020)
  15. The Barebell Rehab Workshop, Dr. Michael Mash (2020)
  16. PainFree Foot Pro Course, Exercise Therapy, Brandon Fox (2020)
  17. Brain Performance Certification, PosturePro, Annette Verpillot (2020)
  18. Fundamentals of Program Design, CHFI Education, Mark Caroll (2020)
  19. Advanced Program Design, CHFI Education, Christian Thibaudeau (2020)
  20. Preparing for Weightlifting after a Hiatus, Elieko (2020)
  21. Muscle-Centric Medicine Workshop, Dr. Gabrielle Lylon (2020)
  22. The Foot Collectice Workshop, Mike Gauvreau (2020)

Strength Coach

Training athletes from different sports for one simple goal: DOMINATE THE FIELD


Constantly learning to hone his craft and expertise to better server others. His goal is to leave a legacy behind to help as many coaches & trainers from around the world. 


Developing effective programs and producing new content & methods is Amir’s life-long goal. He is constantly learning to become a credible source in the strength community.




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